Friday, January 23, 2009

Squirrels go nuts, and attack people.

My apartment complex is no stranger to wildlife.  In fact, when you walk out side it is not odd to see at least five squirrels, numerous birds of varying species (I once saw a Great Blue Herring), a couple of pets, and possibly chipmunk.  I swear that it sometimes feels like you are in a Disney musical and all the little guys are going to start singing you off to work.  I am not much for animals, but these little guys don't bother me.  Seriously, why should you be afraid of a squirrel?  Well, folks in Durham, England had better watch out.  It seems that some nurses have reported that they were attacked by the rodents.  Now the staff are taking precautionary measures that include traveling in pairs and wielding umbrellas.    The cause behind the aggression is unknown, but does not appear to rabies related.  One nurse wrote that this was a moderate problem on a a scale from insignificant to catastrophic on her accident report, which would probably vary from person to person ( I myself would lean closer to the catastrophic).  I must say that I will carry on with greater caution anytime I leave my apartment.

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