Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not even a face a mother could love.

In the U.K. people seem to admit to extraordinary claims and taboo things publicly more than most Americans.   Maybe Americans feel a need to keep secrets, but Brits are fairly open about their dirty little secrets.  For instance, a girl called into a radio show and told the DJ that she had eaten human meat her father had fed to her.  Of course she was eating it unknowingly, since her father had apparently kidnapped young African girls and fed them to his family back home.  Sounds like a really disturbing film or an episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  You can listen to the story here.  While that is shocking, so is the fact that a mother of two has flat out told the Daily Mail that she feels absolutely no love towards her oldest daughter.  I find it odd that she went as far as going public to the press, but even more odd that she felt compelled to announce it period.  While in shows like Arrested Development it is funny when Lucile shows no love to Gob, but this is real life.  Therapy will be expensive in this family.

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