Saturday, February 23, 2013

Luca's Effects and Fashion video

Over the last 6 months, I have been heavily using Premier Pro CS 6. My time in FCP 7 has been greatly diminished, and I have mixed feelings about leaving such a solid NLE in the dust. Regardless, technology does not allow you to be sentimental, and I must move on. Recently, however, I was handed a project to finish ( from the talented Craig Hinkle, who had already assembled a fine first cut) and it was a chance to go back to my old stomping grounds. He started the project in FCP 7, so rather than exporting an XML and working in Premier, I chose to sit down with my old faithful NLE. The video below are the fruits of that labor. The video is a highlight of the 19th Annual, Philadelphia Phashion Phest. While working I realized I needed to snap out of my wedding film headspace I have been in for the last several months and into a more energetic/flashy style to compliment the footage. I recalled a series of cool and free effects from Luca Visual. Along with some grading in Red Giant's Magic Bullet Suite, I was able to achieve a look that helped capture the energy of that evening.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

T4i 18-135 mm STM lens auto-focus test

I bought the Canon T4i with the 18-135 mm STM lens. I unboxed it last night tried a quick test with the STM lens AF feature and the new touchscreen. I uploaded this and plan on posting a more detailed video shot with the camera in a few days. I was pretty impressed with cameras ability to rack focus on its on. Its not perfect, but under the right lighting and with the right gear, I experienced some success without touching the focus ring.

Jenny + Ky's Wedding Film

I really enjoyed working on Jenny and Ky's film. Not only were they a fun couple, but the cinematographers at our studio (CinemaCake Filmmakers) knocked it out of the park. I also enjoyed learning about the traditional Chinese tea ceremony as it pertains to getting married.

First Same Day Film on Premier

This was the last Same Day Film I Edited at One Atlantic in Atlantic City, NJ. It was my first same day film on CS6 Premier Pro.