Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flogging the Dolphin

Pakistani telecommunication officials have passed an order to bann over 1700 words or phrases from text messaging. These include words like flatulence, fondle, black out drunk, and flogging the dolphin. Most of the words are not safe for all eyes, but I'll let your grown up minds figure out flogging the dolphin for yourself. Its moments like these were you can really appreciate your freedom oyu enjoy here in The united States, because with bans like these we wouldn't outdated internet treasure like the always enjoyable Texts From Last Night. So go out there and drunk text, flog the dolphin, and be proud to be an American. You can read more about Pakistani text censorship on the link below.

Butt out! Pakistan telecom watchdog drafts rude text message ban | World news | The Guardian:

'via The Guardian'

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